Calming Balsam Pillows To Relax The Nerves

I am writing this post while vacationing on an island in the Penobscot Bay Area of Maine. We are surrounded by balsam fir trees along the water’s edge which fill the air with the most wonderful clean pine scent that reminds us of Christmas. Many of the small local gift shops here sell decorative pillows and sachets which are filled with balsam twigs, ground bark and needles.

When researching the Balsam Fir, I learned that written records of folklore go back over 700 years showing how the balsam was used medicinally by many of the Northeastern tribes. Uses include relieving headaches and congestion. It can help asthma patients to breathe easier. Many people sleep with a small balsam pillow in their beds. It is calming and relaxing to the nerves. Think of the clean fresh scent as additions to a lingerie drawer or closet.

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Tag Sale For Fashionistas

The Wadsworth Atheneum is having its bargain extravaganza POSH sale featuring dresses, shoes and accessories donated from the closets of those with deep pockets and sold at bargain prices to those ready to scour racks and bins of top-shelf merchandise.

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Nov. 2 to 4 at The Design Center, 1429 Park St., in Hartford.

“The Atheneum keeps some of the things that have museum collection value each time there is a sale,” explained society’s president, Marianne Donahue, recently named to Hartford Magazine’s 2012 Best Dressed List for her vintage and classic style. “And the rest we sell to raise money for our projects.”

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