Junior League Show House In Hartford

It has been 3 years already since the last Junior League Show House in Hartford. A stately brick on Scarborough St in Hartford’s historic West End is the site of this year’s event. Designers from around the area have been busy working on story boards that were due today. Noon was the deadline for submission and people were still arriving at 11:55am. I turned in my proposals at 11:40 with time to spare!

Participating in a Show House can be a very stressful experience. You must pull together a beautiful finished space that will awe your audience in a few short weeks. The ideas can came quickly as you are scheming through the night, but often the materials and labor needed are not so easy to find. There is always lots of scrambling and substitutions to be made. But, in spite of all the trauma and drama, it is great fun. Friendships are formed that last a lifetime. There is always someone to lend a hand or a hammer when needed. We eat too much junk food and skip the gym. Someone is always laughing.

As designers, we wonder should our proposals be edgy and avant guard or traditional? Do we want to be known for radical designs or safe classic looks? We live in the conservative Northeast, but do the Show House visitors come to see something wild and exotic that they would never use? Often the most memorable rooms are the ones that are the least likely to be duplicated, but they are talked about for years.

I try to work for a little bit of glamour and an unexpected splash or color. To me, it is most important that guests walk into my rooms and smile.

The first week of March the room selections will be announced and work can begin the end of the month. We are all anxiously awaiting the results. Stay tuned.